be my baby

Zagreb Clown Festival: BEE MY BABY

Nakon karijere provedene u zdravstvu Nonono and Eber alias Guilhem and Jean Pierre, partneri jednako na sceni i izvan nje, dolaze do spoznaje da je najučinkovitiji lijek- smijeh. I tada započinju s piruetama i saltima kojima se i danas, nakon skoro desetljeća, ne nadzire kraj. 
15/05/202220:00KUC TRAVNOZAGREB60 KN



NONONO & EBER, France-Brazil

Nonono and Eber alias Guilhem and Jean Pierre, partners both in life and on stage, are two traveling clowns who come to us from San Francisco (Clown conservatory, Sara Moore) and Barcelona (New clown Institute, Jango Edwards). After a first professional life dedicated to healthcare, their experience led them to the conclusion that the best medicine in life was Laugh. So, almost ten years ago, they began a “Denise Biellmann front-pirouette salto” which does not seem ready to stop … BEE MY BABY is the fruit of their meeting, their travels and their love of life in all its diversity.

Actors and directors: Guilhem Milhau and Jean Pierre Squaglia