THE FIFTH EDITION of Zagreb Clown Festival bring four incrdible shows and a clown masterclass, tha is certain! And all is most certainly good, and you certainly don’t want to miss it!


Here is an overview of the main programe…



Teater Gry: JUST WAIT

An absurd romance without words JUST WAIT is a story about two naive souls in a family with the clown, who struggle to adjust to life. The art of living is difficult. In a Beckett-like universe, the two beings meet each other. It requires presence and also brings hopes and disappointments. And a great vulnerability. The smallest movements have great significance. Words superfluous and one is moved by the guilt and all that is not said. A physical, musical, poetic and tragicomic performance, where crying and laughter are constantly followed. About love for life … and for each other.



Gardi Hutter: THE BRAVE JANE

Hanna, a washwoman who dreams of great heroic deeds, tousled and airy-fairy, doesn’t have an easy life.
Unmanageable clothespins, sneaky laundry lines, a washing basin with dizzying abysses and – most of all – a dirty and lazy pile of laundry can only be overcome with great cunning.
Hanna’s only gleam of hope is her book about the heroic deeds of Joan of Arc, which she devotedly reads during her breaks.
Yes! She would trade her lonely and exhausting life in a second for adventures, glory and honour. Dream and reality immingle, lose their boundaries. For lack of foreign conquerors she declares war on her bitterest enemy without further ado: the huge pile of dirty laundry.
Neither brawls nor drinking bouts, neither treachery nor cowardice can discourage the brave heroine, who – armed with pans and buckets – puts up a good fight.




Ugo Sanchez Jr.: Ugo Sanchez Wants to Play

Ugo Sanchez Jr. is a musician. Well, he may look just like he’s coming on stage to perform a concert. But in a minute he’s completely naked: there’s only his instrument to protect him, and to prevent the audience from a shock. Ugo Sanchez Jr., just as an old school clown, becomes the hero, or rather the sweet and ill-fated anti-hero, exorcising the obstacles game that is Life. The audience of this show has no age. Children and adults find themselves caring for Ugo, his constant precariousness has captured everyone’s sympathy. Nudity is often associated with vulgarity – erroneously. In reality, he who is naked is pure and defenseless. Everyday we are “stripped naked”. The mighty of the earth, politicians, neighbors, employers, TV, but also one’s aunt, brother, wife…they all make us live situations in which we feel powerless, disarmed. Naked, to be precise.





Carlo Mo: eMe

One clown.

Two crutches.

Zero legs.


A tragicomic journey towards the discovery of physical and emotional disability.

When the light comes on after Mahler’s music, Carlo Mô appears on the stage suspended in equilibrium on legless armpit crutches, the image is of a human M. From this image begins a journey of discovery of his new physical state and search for remedies for any type of physical or emotional disability, turning the solutions into small creations.






A three-day very physical workshop.
We will examine — and train in — the Clown’s craft. Walking, dancing, a clown’s relationship with hats — a look at traditional gag structures, and the advantages of different costume choices — and, always, each Clown’s relationship with spectators. We will do very specific, hands-on, work in all of these areas. This is not a theory workshop, but an intensive series of 3 training days. At the end, each student will have new performance material. Great fun will be had. Hard work will take place!