In this tragic show, two maids with the same number of curls, but one blonde, the other black, fight for power.

Excuse me, could you show me the exit

We have begun our clown – philosophy quest. We are looking for the EXIT. Starting from here and now we want to reach before and after, maybe into a new dimension or just another room. We can tell yet, we just started…. Can a clown exist in the past or the future, or is now it’s end… Nothing is certain, except that you can meet us on the streets of Zagreb in April! The project is financed by Ministry of Culture, The Town of Zagreb and Kultura Nova Foundation.

Anna de Lirium – ALIVE! In Concert

It’s the story of Anna in search of employment. Invited for a job interview in a recording studio waiting for the boss being late, she gets the very firm order not to touch anything.

Hot Clown Sex

The hottest clowns in Chicago are back, and they’re bringing the heat this winter. (18+)

Chair Tamer

Lingaling is a furious clowness, that was dealing with her anger many years, so she decided to research what is behind all that.


A clown solo show about love for one’s homeland, inspired by the tradition and history of the people of the North Banat district, Kikinda.

Angela Delfini explains it all for you

Join DR. Delfini and her brave subject Estrella on a clownsesque five-step recovery program full of unique challenges and you-can’t-go-home-again transformations.