Circus Express: Magic Dodo in Incredible Head Over Feet Advenuturess

The second station on our way! The one and only, Magic Dodod!
28/11/202111:00Vlaška 92Zagreb30 kn
Join the most amazing spells, frisky invisible donuts, two plus two is a tree. No more chiribu chiriba, just ijuju!
Magic Dodo will lend you a hand and lead you into his world of wild magic wands in collaboration with the confetti and soft institute. Order tickets and smell the cherry today!

Conceived and performed by: Domagoj Ivanković

For those who have to stay at home, the performance will be broadcasted live on  Triko Cirkus Teatra's YouTube.

Age: +4

The program was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia and the Kultura Nova foundation.